Tales of Time, Space and history

Image95a (1)I started this Blog primarily to keep information on my Science Fiction books-

The Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester

However I quickly realised it was a great place to keep the things I did yesterday and forgot today after I retired from industry .

For as anyone who has retired quickly discovers, there is even less time to do anything and anything done is quickly forgotten.

In this blog you will find lots of information on how I wrote the Time Travel Diaries and some of the people and places I used.

I’ve also included information on my notes on Arthurian Literarure which, unlike my time travel books, has kept me occupied for decades.

You can also see some of my Art work and photography on DeviantArt. It includes illustrations for the Time Travel Diaries and sunrises and sunsets on the coast of West Sussex.

I hope you enjoy what you find.


Bruce Macfarlane.

For more information on my books please visit our website at Aldwick Publishing  or email me at



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Blog on the Sci Fi Time Travel Diaries